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Stephanie Kretz
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Stephanie Kretz
Director and Dipl.-Ing.

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    EU Project Management Skills by  SKTEU Project Management Skills

    Project management is not only about doing the work and getting paid, but also protecting, publishing, and utilising the knowledge generated. Cross-cultural Management of intellectual property and exploitation of results, both the expected direct results and any unexpected e.g., spin-offs or products, is fundamental to achieving a highly rated project. This is necessary to know for example:

    1.) If the Commission considers that the consortium is not carrying out its work satisfactorily, it may suspend part or all the work under the project, to
    re-negotiate the contract. The work or the project can begins again when both parties agree.

    2.) Both the Commission may end the contract and the consortium may request that the contract be ended if it is established that it will be excessively difficult to continue with all or part of the project and/or that for technical, financial, economic or scientific reasons the delay or non-execution will be such that the project is no longer viable.

    Use this analysis! It is important for the dedicated management staff as well as management board to use the latest day-to-day project management.

    Service package
    - Analysis of your management skills (checklist for enterprises or clusters).
    - Evaluation according to the latest cross-cultural and international
         management standards.
    - Preparation of an individual and detailed feedback form.

    Position your project and yourself impressive!

    Processing time: 3-5 working days.
    (For individual consultations can vary the processing time accordingly.)

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